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Organize out thoughts that are placing you further away from your ideal best. 

Connect with Naomi Alexis.  text 805 363 2223  office 813 603 8894 

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still the mind session

Together let's create the causes of calmfulness. Learn the benefits and steps to establish a daily practice of quiet meditative contemplation or simply advance your current practice. Book a private session or combine with any other sessions. 


simplify and beautify  

declutter session. 

This session is ideal to book before setting up your sacred space to guarantee that you have created the room or area for your sacred space to be serene.

Booking availability is limited to 3-6 hours. 

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Antique Lanterns Displayed on the Floor


sacred spaces sessions ~ set up a sacred space at work and learn guided meditations

A Sacred Space sessions supports your inner calm by decluttering your mind and creating a minimalist sacred space for you to sit quietly and center yourself throughout your day. Once your personal space is set up, you can relax knowing that you will learn and be guided in a few simple breathing meditations.


Together we can customize a traveling calming set up, create a sacred space in work spaces. As a client, you will be ready to face your days calmful, prepared and engaged.


Sessions can be booked individually and as a group.

Ideal for boutique and corporate businesses.

Discover what sacred space suits you.


Together we can live lighter

Considering our carbon imprint, let's leave our inner beauty for others to benefit and be well taken care of. 

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