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Studio Apartment

Together let's set up your own sacred space for your home or work.
Relax and be guided in simply observing stillness within and learn the steps to establish your daily sitting practice. Face your days refreshed, balanced and ready to engage.


creating your sacred space.

I am dedicated to moving us all along as a community to live the most rewarding inner life and bring you home to your own inner awareness. Engage a life of  simplicity by creating a sacred space in your home and workspace. I studied Sociology at the University of Oregon in Eugene, and have been practicing voluntary simplicity, meditation, ancient beauty, and wellness practices for over twenty years. My passion is to support your ideal vision of your life by guiding you in organizing your sacred space, natural well-being, beauty, and meditative techniques. Sessions are available virtually and in-home. 


Be You

Connect to each moment with peace

    Angela, Attorney at Law, San Diego

    “Naomi Alexis is an absolute sure bet for any organizational projects you may have. Naomi Alexis masterfully and joyfully orchestrated a seamless operation from start to finish. She was decisive
    and deliberate in her efforts to pair us down and get us organized for moving into a much smaller space. She was an amazing and invaluable asset to a seamless, low stress and happy move! I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending her for any organizational or project work.

    Mario, M R Walls, Santa Monica

    "Working with Naomi Alexis was great. She organized all the random stuff in my office, and beautified the staff's work spaces. She also took care of organizing tasks and the details that no one else sees. She is also very kind and pleasant, and looks out for your best interest."

    “Naomi Alexis is a great and calming partner in organizing,

    She has helped my clients declutter and prep for construction projects

    as well as helping them move in." Barbara, Bestor Architecture, Los Angeles

    “Naomi handles all projects 
    with ease and enthusiasm”
    Mona Anastas, Two Owls 

    Hank, Costume Designer, Germany

    “I have known and worked with Naomi Alexis on several
    creative projects, including large
    photo shoots, live international theatre productions and 
    interior renovation projects.
    On all these occasions she is both creative and inspiring. 
    I hope that you will derive similar
    enjoyment from Naomi Alexis’s involvement in your
    ​"Naomi knows how to organize. She has a natural instinct on how to proceed. I turned her loose in my office and was blown away by what she accomplished.” Jack, Computer Consultant, Santa Barbara January 2023
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