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Together let's awaken your natural beauty 🤍

I wholeheartedly love designing natural looks for your special day. A natural application, specially chosen for your skin to brighten and enhance your vision of beauty, elegance, and romance. Each session includes a short breathing meditation, aromatherapy, a gentle facial cleanse, hydrating toner, soothing mask and moisturizer. Custom tailored for personal beauty enhancement, weddings, photo shoots, and ceremonies. Go beyond cosmetic makeup, and use natural mineral makeup to bring protection from sun and pollution, skin clarity and a radiant glow.  As an experienced holistic licensed esthetician, I am passionate about caring for your skin so that you continue to look and feel naturally beautiful and radiant. 

Call and text 

805 665 3660 🤍

Please text with dates. 

 Session: $150-175.00

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