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Natural Facials  + Wedding Services 
Women & Men's Luxury Spa Services, Meditation & Yoga

Naomi Beauty Engaged® approach is holistic while embracing natural products.

Classic Natural Facial 

A classic facial is a pampering beauty treatment for the face that improves the appearance and texture of the face with gentle cleanse, exfoliation, hydrating mask, and relaxing massage for face, head, and hands. Ideal for everyone.

75 minutes $150.00

Ayurvedic Face + Body Relaxation

Experience how the gentle touch of Ayurvedic marma energy points along with a blend of essential oils specifically for your skin type awaken your personal beauty. A light massage to head and hands, and feet with enriching oils nourish your skin and relax your parasympathetic system. 

75 minutes $150.00

Mindful Breathing Meditation 

Meditation is holding a positive mind in single-pointed concentration to awaken natural peace and happiness. Learn to bring your peaceful awareness from your sitting practice to the meditation break. Illuminate your mental peace  by being guided through simple breathing meditations. Meditating together is a great way to support your daily practice.

Add onto any service  

3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes 

Ideal for everyone.

Vacuodermie® Facial Cupping 

Lymphatic Facial Massage + Lifting

Relax with an ultra gentle face cupping massage session so you look and feel your best. Facial cupping benefits your skin by stimulating lymphatic rejuvenation and brings a lifted contour to the face. Modernized cupping improves oxygenation, circulation, and skin clarity. Begin your facial cupping series with 3 consecutive lymphatic sessions, followed by 3 lifting sessions, and then alternate to keep skin healthy and lifted. Each cupping session includes a facial cleanse, exfoliation, mist, mask and moisturizer. 

75 minutes $150

Body Exfoliating Treatment 

Feel refreshed with an ultra-relaxing body treatment. First, a light application of oils is applied, followed by a gentle back scrub. Once the scrub is removed with a towel, an application of essential oils are applied to soothe and hydrate.

75 minutes $150.00

Restorative Flow + Slow Stretching 

Deep stretching relaxation sessions are designed to bring you a meditative, balancing, and strengthening workout. Poses are gentle seated poses and slow paced flow. Everyone is welcome. 

Add onto any service 

15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes

Gift sessions are a perfect way to say thank you to your favorite one, family and friends.  

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Naomi Beauty Engaged® approach is holistic while embracing natural products. Reach out by phone or text to book your appointment. 

Services are designed to balance the mind and body. Enjoy a few minutes of breathing meditation, gentle stretching along with your favorite facial, body treatment, or facial cupping session. 

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