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Balancing Beauty Services and  Aesthetic Organizer 

Connect: 805 665 3660 

“Naomi is an absolute sure bet for any
organizational projects you may have. We had to
move from a two-story 3500 square foot office/
residential property to a 2100 square foot
commercial/retail space. The time table for the
move was moved up dramatically on finding an
immediately available commercial space. Naomi
masterfully and joyfully orchestrated a seamless
operation from start to finish. She was decisive
and deliberate in her efforts to pair us down and
get us organized for moving into a much smaller
space. She was an amazing and invaluable asset

to a seamless, low stress and happy move! I have
absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending
her for any organizational or project work."


Angela, Attorney San Diego, CA

“I have known and worked with Naomi
on several creative projects, including large
photo shoots, live international theatre
productions and interior renovation projects.
On all these occasions she is both creative
and inspiring. I hope that you will derive similar
enjoyment from Naomi’s involvement in your
Hank, Costume Designer and Stylist, Los Angeles, CA


“Naomi handles all projects 
with ease and enthusiasm”
Mona, Photographer and Apparel Designer, Seattle. WA 

"Thank you for a great facial and body treatment Naomi. You've got the healing touch." 

Jack, Santa Barbara, CA 

"I really enjoyed my session with Naomi. She truly has a healing touch and very skilled at combining facial cupping and massage. I highly recommend her services." 

Tammie, Los Angeles, CA 

"Extremely nurturing and gentle. Very professional and deliberate." Michael, Westlake Village

"Naomi's services and energy are amazing. The way I feel in her presence is inexplicable. The relaxation and calmness are likened to a deep meditation practice. The cupping treatment both facial and body is soothing. My skin appearance in firmness and lack of puffiness makes me feel confident and beautiful. I can't say enough great things about Naomi and the treatments she offers." Love, Jamie S. Santa Barbara, CA